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Elite Padded Cases - Shotguns and Rifles

Elite Padded Cases - Shotguns and Rifles

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The Elite Padded line of cases is specially designed to transport and keep your rifles and shotguns safe from scratches, blows or humidity.

- PVC coated Nylon 600 outer fabric - it prevents humidity to reach your firearm.

- 1.6" thick padding - once inside the case, the firearm won't move and the padding will protect it from blows.

- Anti-scratch soft inner lining. 

- Full-length, heavy duty zipper allows your case to open completely making it easy to comfortably manipulate your firearm. 

- Zippered pocket on the front to carry all your gun's documents.

- Reinforced spine gives the case the correct balance, making it comfortable to carry.

- Rubber balanced handles provide a comfortable transportation of your firearm.

- Reinforced stitching supports heavy gun weights.

Available for breakdown and folding shotguns, scoped and non-scoped rifles.




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